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A New Roof Replacement, Benecia

Roofing Craftsmen, Inc.

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Jose Escalante, Fairfield, Vacaville, Benecia

Jose D. Escalante

"A new roof will replace your weathered roof, & protect you,
your family, & Benicia home.

Financing (typically under $297 mo.) on the spot."

There are very few people nowadays whose honesty, professionalism and kind who will help a new home owner like me who doesn't know much about these issues. I would gladly check with them if I need a roof replacement in the future. Thank you very much Jose and to your team. God bless you all.   Gina S.,  Vallejo, California;  5 Stars on Yelp!

Dear  Benicia Homeowner,

It is time for a new roof.

For everyone? No, of course not.

If your roof is more than 17 years old, however, that's a different story.

And a new roof can be easy on the pocket book with low cost on the spot financing.

Let me explain.

The clues are all there. You can see them.

Your Neighbors See Your Roof Every Day.

The neighbors all look at your house and then look away. You no longer hear, "Gosh, it looks beautiful."

But just because a couple of people recognize the obvious is not, by itself,
the reason to replace your roof.

What they Don't See Is Painful to You

You've looked up there—or, better, been up there. What did you see in your gutters or the downspouts?

Granules from the shingles litter the gutters and, often, the downspouts. If you haven't found a missing shingle yet, it's right around the corner.

People who need to stop a roof leak now can
by using Roofing Craftsmen Benicia repair work.

There is a Better Reason to Get a New Roof

new Roofing Craftsmen, Benicia replacement

How does your roof really look? Go outside and compare it with all others. Are those
roofs dilapidated, saggy looking, losing their sparkle?


Probably not.

Your neighbors are embarrassed, and so are you.

And Then This Happens... Every Day, Right Here.

Perhaps you can live with your neighbors' judgment. But what if the insurance guy drives by and says, "Replace your roof, or we will cancel your insurance"? That's pretty common and it's a pretty scary feeling.

And what happens when insurance is cancelled?

Friends visiting? They aren't protected. Imagine you become of victim of theft with nothing to replace what is taken from your home. You are no longer safe. Kids playing in the yard? No longer safe. Having a party? No longer safe. A house catches fire when someone forgets how to cook safely during the holidays?

That's right—nothing is covered because there is no insurance.

The Problem is one problem brings another and another...

Obviously, without a roof that meets an insurance companies approval, you can't sell the uninsured house to someone who will need to get a mortgage.


Imagine you list your house a couple of years from now. In this case, the buyer is wealthy and can afford any property. He's going pay to in full at closing Are you, as the seller, that is going to get a fair offer

Obviously not.

 It speaks volumes about the owner.

Think about it: Who buys a house with a 15-year-old roof or a 20-year-old one?

Not many people. The house is not going to get an offer YOU want.


You wouldn't buy a car that was uninsured for a decade would you? Of course not...

The fact is your roof IS not just looking a little outdated, it is outdated and riddled with problems, present and future...and that's why you arrived right here at Roofing Craftsmen.

In reality, you've been thinking about getting a new roof, but you just don't know where to start.


OK, struggling…and every day, you look up and see what's there.

Doesn't Getting a New Roof Take Months?

For some companies? Of course. It's no surprise that people perceive getting a new roof is an exhausting process. It's easy to understand how many people came to that conclusion. It can take months with many companies.

Not with Roofing Craftsmen—we make it happen quickly at your convenience. We've mastered time allocation and resource management so that you get your roof when you want it.

"I'm so glad I hired Roofing Craftsmen. Their bid was most reasonable. They responded very quickly and came out for a free estimate. They started the job two days after I hired them and finished my whole just one day. The roof looks great and they left the place cleaner than they found it. They hire hard working and polite professionals and communication from start to finish was excellent. They didn't ask for any money until the job was done, so how can you go wrong with that?"     Pamela M.,  Fairfax, Ca.; 5 Stars, on Yelp!

Replace Roof, Vacaville and Benecia, CA

I have a team that prides itself on working for a man who has put roofs on homes in the Greater Bay Area for 21 years. I learned from my father, who taught me the trade for another 20 years before I began, right out of school. We worked together for almost two decades.

Roofing Craftsmen was founded in 2016. Our specialty is giving people an amazing new roof.


  • We don't do inspections.

  • We don't do commercial properties.

  • We don't waste your time.

  • We don't pressure you to buy more expensive shingles.

We put roofs on the homes of people who are just like you and me.

So How Does this All Work in Simple Language?

First, you call for an appointment, and we will set up the first available date for you, that is mutually available.

Then I will personally come out, get on the roof, take comprehensive measurements, and bring the information back down to you.

Your estimate, which is a REAL quote in my case; you are shown what the total investment will be.

The end cost you see on the receipt, when we have completed the job, is the same number that I gave you when I measured your house. You can't find that anywhere else.

Your quote will allow us to come up with the best option for financing for you and your family. You might want the roof financed over time so you can have one simple monthly payment. This is what the majority of people do and for most people it's the best decision they will make.

That said, a lot of our clients pay in cash (that is, check, cash or credit card) in full immediately after the work is completed.

But that is not most people.

Only a third of people can do that, so we figure out other options for everyone else.

We work with one company that we trust and does things right.  Because we have a top-notch company that helps us do that, we can get it done today. There is no waiting, and most people qualify. Most people have low or no payments for a year or 12 months or make small payments by endorsing an easy to understand financing agreement.

For those who have hit hard times, there is a government-sponsored program will help. It's a creative way to get around the poor credit caused by the hard times. We can offer this as well. Not everyone qualifies, and the program is not for everyone. But it could save your future, especially if you want to sell your house sometime.

Your House Will Look Like It Came Out of a Lifestyle Magazine

Benecia and Vallejo, CA Roof Replacement

When you choose Roofing Craftsmen, your old roof will be replaced with a brand new one that looks and performs like it's straight out of a lifestyle magazine. We use the most reliable materials and techniques. So you can rest easy, knowing your home is protected against the harshest weather conditions.

Your home will look so much better with a new roof by Roofing Craftsmen and everyone will appreciate that.

Now it's 2023 and the "Elements" Have Become Unpredictable

The weather here has become unpredictable. Something has definitely changed this year, and scotch-taping your roof back together will no longer work. If you go away for the weekend, will you come back to a house free of the problems that caused you to think, "I need a vacation"?

Here's the test:

Is your roof looking a bit weathered?

It is. The solution is not the big stressor you once thought it was.

Your Roofing Craftsmen Team is a Professional Team that You Can Trust

You are dealing with a professional team. You don't have to worry about people not showing up on time—or not showing at all.

We are there when we say we will be.

We do what we say we will do.

We finish when we say we will finish.

At Roofing Craftsmen, our experienced team can give you the perfect upgrade with an impressive new roof. It will not only add beauty and value to your home but also critical protection from various weather conditions.

To have extra peace of mind, knowing your family is safe and secure, trust in the quality craftsmanship provided by experts at Roofing Craftsmen.

Remember, I (Jose D. Escalante, principal and roofing contractor) personally give you a live quote at your home, in person.

To summarize what my team and I do for you from beginning to end:

First, I will go up gather information. When I return, it's simple.

I will do calculations to provide you with the precise cost of the project.


You'll learn the results instantly.

Unlike some companies, we make ZERO dollars financing your roof.

Next, you'll see financing options, should you want them.

We have no vested interest in how you cover your investment. None.

If you're in a bind, you can ask about the program I mentioned before. We will look at the option to see if it works for you.

Now it's time for you to set the date. Just tell us what date works best for you. Our schedule is on our phones, so we can immediately confirm a work date in almost all situations.

About an hour or two later, you'll get an email making it official.

All you have to do is type your name (it's like a digital signature) after you've read the agreement. On the suggested day, we'll be there at the agreed time. Return the document by email (this is done automatically), and the agreement's DONE!

We'll take your beat-up, old roof down and replace it with a gorgeous, new asphalt shingle roof in YOUR chosen color. (We're happy to offer suggestions. You'll be surprised when I show you what is in style in 2023!)

New Roof,  El Sobrante

Finally, we will CLEAN UP. No one cleans up as we do. We do this to leave
your property safe and beautiful.

If you think we've done a great job, we'll ask you to put that comment on Yelp!. Putting your review on Yelp is IMPORTANT, because it allows your neighbors and people in the community to SEE your experience. Now they to can get a beautiful, solid, strong, new roof that will last decades.

It's that simple. Most jobs take a day or two, depending on the weather. (Larger homes of course can take 3 days.) We won't let rain ruin your new addition to the family.

Every time it rains, you worry about whether your roof will hold. You know it really is time...

A roof is one of the most important investments you can make for your home.


1. A roof protects your family and possessions from the weather.

2. It adds resale to your property.

3. It makes your house insurable and a property someone else will want to buy.

4. A new roof always improves curb appeal.

5. A new roof from Roofing Craftsmen will give you peace of mind by knowing your home is protected from the weather.

6. Our team of experts will make sure the job is done right.

7. Everyone in the community appreciates you for making the neighborhood better.

Contact Jose D. Escalante personally by calling his direct private number: (707) 735-0983

If he's in the field, his answering service or office manager will take your name and number and get right back to you. You'll have an appointment you can schedule on your calendar today!


Get in touch to set an appointment.

Call (707) 735-0983

 Roofing Craftsmen, Benicia, phone

Thank You! We'll call you ASAP

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