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Whether you need a roofing repair that you can trust or a brand new roof that will last for decades, Roofing Craftsmen in San Rafael is the one to call. Their roofing is guaranteed and their crew strives to go above and beyond expectations every time.


Expert Roofing Service In San Rafael

Your home is probably the biggest investment that you will ever make, which is why hiring a trusted roofing professional is always the right decision. We’re not some random roofing contractors and will not disappear after the repairs are through. Roofing Craftsmen has built a name through years of high-quality roofing repair and replacement.

The Trusted Roofing Company

Damaged and leaking roofs are a major concern for any homeowner and need to be repaired immediately to prevent the spread of damage. That’s why Roofing Craftsmen is focused on providing fast and effective service that you can depend on. Our work is guaranteed so you and your family stay protected from the dangers of water entering your home. Request a free quote and expect us out for repairs on time and ready.

Why Work With Roofing Craftsmen?

Roofing Craftsmen has been helping customers all over San Rafael and surrounding areas for years and backs everything they do with a money-back guarantee to put your mind at ease during the next big storm. We will be out ASAP if there is ever an issue and if our work is unsatisfactory, you don’t pay.

How Are They Better Than Other Roof Repair Services?

Nobody backs their roof repairs like the professionals at Roofing Craftsmen. We strive to give you affordable pricing, great customer service, and outstanding repairs that you just don’t find in our line of work. Schedule your free roofing consultation and you will quickly see that Roofing Craftsmen is the superior roofing company in San Rafael.

Get Help When You Need It

Day or night, you can call Roofing Craftsmen and schedule your free consultation to get your roof repair service started as soon as possible. We know that the damage doesn’t stop because the other contractors are done for the day. If there is an issue with your repair, we will be out rain or shine to quickly put a stop to leaking.


Roof Replacement

We have built a team of roofing contractors that specialize in roof replacement and they are good. Carrying the same high standard that has been established by Roofing Craftsmen’s impeccable repairs, our experts are the top choice for any roof replacement in San Rafael.

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Don’t trust your roof to the first roof repair contractor that knocks on your door, call San Rafaels trusted professionals, and rest assured that your roof is back to 100% health. Many of these roofers are nowhere to be found when the leaks start, but our dedicated roofing experts will be there ASAP, day or night to solve any issues with your repairs.

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