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What Your Neighbors say about Roofing Craftsmen

Roofing Craftsmen, Inc.

serving The Bay Area, California

Roof Replacement

gives  you that new home look.

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Below the links to Yelp and Thumbtack are a few reviews but feel free to see these first!

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Jose Escalante is fantastic. I have been a real estate broker in Sonoma/Marin county for the past 17 years. It has been a struggle to find a roofer of Jose's caliber. During an especially busy, rainy period I was working with a very demanding client. This client was a commercial broker who had worked in San Francisco for decades. He had since retired out of state but came back to Sonoma County to purchase a second home.


My client had rehabbed too many homes to count. He knew good construction and I was worried since my normal roofer was not available. I decided to give Jose a shot. Jose's roofing job was the best I'd ever seen. Not only was his work meticulous (with my client constantly looking over his shoulder) but he was so polite and personable, the space in which he worked was kept clean and given our very tight turn times he even made it a point to call me late into the night just so that I would know that everything was going as planned. In short, I will not use any other roofer in Sonoma or Marin County other than Roofing Craftsmen from here on out. Superb service and quality at a fair price.

Tracy Otsuka - Otsuka Group North Bay Luxury Real Estate

Roofing Craftsmen Fairfield

...My property manager called 8 Roofing companies, & only 4 came for Free to give Estimates on the roof, & owner of was the best in professionalism & very easy to deal with...I highly recommend him.... He has workers who help him, & his work is high quality top notch professional work that speaks for it's self. He's amazing, & a really kind & articulate human. I can't say enough about this guy & his matching quality of work is very professional. He stands by his work...You won't be disappointed.....

Erin & Makana R., Alameda, CA

...His unsolicited offer to follow-up, if necessary, is a service you don't hear much anymore from contractors.

John Clifford Corte, Madera


"Jose and his father have worked for me on several properties. They always do a great job in a timely manner and they are always on the spot when you need them."

Dora Knell San Rafael, CA

"Jose returns phone calls and showed exactly on time...  Matt, Petaluma, CA

Yelp Reviews:


As a result of the heavy rain these past months, I noticed stains and water bubbles on my bathroom ceiling and the master bedroom. I didn't know if it was a roof leaking or something to do with my attic that dripped the water down creating those stains and moisture. I got this poster from Roofing Craftsmen that I saved and immediately called. The receptionist Kevin and Leah were so accommodating and scheduled me for a free inspection. Soon enough, Jose called and came to the house, not only did he make a thorough inspection on the roof, but he made an extra mile to go to the attic and checked the interior as well. I was very appreciative and very thankful of Jose's honesty and told me my roof was fine. He explained it was the bathroom fan that was causing the water to stick on the ceiling. He even referred me to a general contractor that he well knew to check. There are very few people nowadays whose honesty, professionalism and kind who will help a new home owner like me who doesn't know much about these issues. I would gladly check with them if I need a roof replacement in the future. Thank you very much Jose and to your team. God bless you all. Gina S. Vallejo, CA

Gina S., Vallejo, CA;  5 stars Yelp*


Jose was dependable, professional and on time to every appointment. He identified problems and notified me immediately. They covered my pool in case anything fell on the pool it did not. They cleaned up everything. Outstanding project and work was completed to my satisfaction.

Tamara B., Napa, CA;  5 Stars Yelp*

New Roof Replacement Vallejo Roofing Craftsmen

Great company, nice workers, reliable, and honest. I had roofing craftsman and two other companies come give me quotes. Roofing Craftsman gave me a good quote and also had the best financing option out there. My roof was old and in some bad shape. They came out and got the roof done in a few days, they also cleaned up everyday once done. My roof looks amazing!..the flat part and regular side. I would highly recommend! It was a very smooth process.

Alex Q., Fairfield, CA;  5 Stars Yelp*



Jose and his team were great to work with, professional & answered all my questions from start to finish. I had a roof 20+ years old with steep slants on 2nd floor, removed all dry rot, & added gutters. Happy with finished work. Thanks Jose and team, well done!

Diane M., San Jose, CA;  5 Stars Yelp*

Our roof was 22 years old & we are about to go solar, so we decided to get a new roof now. I reached out to 5 or so Roofing Contractors & got bids from each. We decided on Roofing Craftsmen because they were professional, expedient, had many satisfied customers & their price was spot on. Jose & his crew were professional, diligent & friendly. Jose talked to us many times during the process, his crew cleaned up after every day they were 3 days we had our new roof. Roofing Craftsmen are the standard bearers of how a roofing company should be run. Thank you Jose & Crew! Only wished you did plumbing & carpentry too

Leigh C., Sonoma, CA;  5 Stars Yelp*

Jose and his team were professional and did a great job! Kept in constant communication and made the process simple and easy. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking work on their roof.

John M., Vallejo, CA;  5 Stars Yelp*

I'm so glad I hired Roofing Craftsmen. Their bid was most reasonable. They responded very quickly and came out for a free estimate. They started the job two days after I hired them and finished my whole job (half of a roof) in just one day. The roof looks great and they left the place cleaner than they found it. They hire hard working and polite professionals and communication from start to finish was excellent. They didn't ask for any money until the job was done, so how can you go wrong with that?

Kevin J., Oakland, CA  5 Stars Yelp*

I had an awful time with a leak on my roof in one spot last winter and none of the roofing companies could fix it and finally I found this company. I'm here to tell you they are so dedicated honest and trustworthy! It was a tough find and it took a few times to get it fixed but they were persistent and they fixed it with precision and perseverance. Jose is just a great guy to work with too. I cannot thank them enough for helping me get through this last tough winter with a spot leak from hell. They did it with excellence!

Pamela M., Fairfax, CA  5 Stars Yelp*

Roofing Craftsmen Vallejo

Jose is really our Angel.

After Christmas, we came home to a puddle of water in our hall way, laundry room, garage #1 and garage #2.    We put in a claim with our insurance and have been playing this waiting game for them to help us identify where the leak is coming from.  They sent their roofing person who only identified three parts of the roof but left with no tarp.  We contacted 4 other roofing contractors where one showed up and did not want to take the job but instead referred us to another company.   After multiple unreliable roofing contractors, my colleague at work referred me to Roofing Craftsman.   Leah was awesome in contacting us back right away.   But Jose, he is the lifesaver we did not expect.

Jose came to us the same day we asked for help, and even though it was wet after the rain, he took a quick look at our roof and where the water was gushing out from.  He told us the problems was a clogged gutter and no stucco to seal between the gutter and the wall.    Mind you, he is a roofing guy, but he saw how desperate we were in stopping the water from going into our home.    This kind soul, rolled up his sleeve and helped removed some of the debris and unclogged the pipe the water was unable to go down in.   In seconds, all the water that was clogged came out.     I tried to give Jose a tip, some money for his troubles but he would not accept it.   Honesty, I really felt like crying given the 2 and half week of misery my family and I has gone through to prevent the water from going into our home to no avail.  

When he left, I did cry because of his act of kindness and I instantly prayed for the good Lord to bless him, his wife, his family and business to receive an abundance of blessings.   I got so emotional because there are not too many stand up professionals out there that come out to be genuine in there desire to help folks who are down.  By the way, he was spot on with where the leak came from because ever since he cleared our gutter we have not had anymore water leaks.   We still have to fix the gutter, but he is the only roofing guy who pin point this up front and gone above and beyond.   All the other roofers just wanted to replace the whole roof without a mention of the gutter.

Once my gutter is fixed, my family and I are determined to have our roof replaced and award Jose and his business for their decency and honesty.   I already heard of their wonderful reputation from my colleague for the work they did for them last year, but his character and the way he helped us without accepting a dime from us--this speaks volume!    Thank you so much Jose and may you be surrounded with blessings!

Nina, Tamara, Lisa and family.

Nina L.;  CA   5 Stars Yelp*

For other comments and ratings on the work of Roofing Craftsmen, use the links above to visit Yelp and Thumbtack.

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